This is a remote position with travels to the BIE schools when needed. Licensed professional engineer is a top requirement.
The Senior Project Engineer will act as a supplement of the existing federal staff to ensure timely completion of authorized work for the 183 schools under the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) and BIE facilities around the country. All personnel must be able to perform onsite inspections and evaluations of physical facilities nationwide to determine actual condition of existing buildings, functional adequacy, compliance to code requirements and examine existing facilities, utilities and site for renovation, reuse or functional modifications.
This is a two-year project.
Key responsibilities:
• Plan the projects for maintenance, repair and renovation work
• Responsible for planning and managing the site assessments, project plans, project management for any repair, renovation, or construction of existing facilities
• Recommend solutions concerned with maintenance, repairs, renovations, upgrades, and construction of BIE facilities
• Advise and assist with the development of policy, procedural and regulatory program
• Provide regular program status reports and financial reports for all projects
• Perform onsite inspections and evaluations of physical facilities nationwide
• Oversight and management controls and procedures to improve the quality of services and ensure compliance with laws,
regulations, rulings, policies, and standards application to Indian Affairs
• Ensures that schedules, inspections, materials, methods, and equipment used in planning, design and construction are
appropriate and timely
• Develop plans and conceptual design solutions for renovations and improvements to facilities
• Review proposed sites for project, evaluate and recommend adequacy with regard to topography, subsurface conditions, utilities, development costs and other factors
• Ensures all projects comply with Health and Safety, construction codes, building codes and other federal requirements
• Develop project scope, schedule, and cost estimates for contracting detailing material and labor cost
• Facilitate meetings to keep project on schedule
• Provide weekly updates on projects by reports with show schedule and cost variance
• Perform other responsibilities associated with this position as needed
Qualifications to be successful in the role:
• Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with a comprehensive knowledge of project management of construction and renovation work from planning, design and construction
• Must be a Professional Engineer
• Knowledge of project management with cost and schedule principals, coordination with other engineers
• Be able to facilitate project meetings to keep project on schedule
• Must have design and construction experience
• Familiar with design and construction methods
• With a valid driver’s license
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Employees enjoy the following benefits:
• Medical insurance
• 401K plan eligibility upon hire
• Health and Savings Account plan
• Paid Holidays
• Paid Time Off
• Wellness Offering
• Training and Development
• License/Certification support
• Recognition and Rewards program
• Travel Insurance