Provides supervision of individuals with disabilities through sensors, monitors, and active monitoring systems, which enables them to live more independent lives.

Duties and Expectations:

1. Ensure health, safety, and personal needs are being met for all individuals receiving Support Services.

2. Respond to Client inquiries and requests and resolve Client issues in a timely, friendly and efficient manner.

3. Manage incoming incident calls from Client locations and communicate notification alerts to required parties as needed.

4. Provide direction (prompts) to Clients as required by protocols or in response to potentially dangerous situations.

5. Thoroughly document the resolution, write reports, and ensure accuracy of the necessary documentation, as needed. Each incident has a who, what, when, where, and why, and thorough documentation of each is imperative.

6. Accurately documents anytime a client leaves the premises per the company’s policy.

7. Accurately document all Client activities in accordance with the company’s standards.

8. Maintains the integrity and security of all monitoring systems and reports any system malfunctions immediately.

9. Provides constant monitoring of the RM system and provides support by informing department leads of any areas of concern.

10. Dispatches the appropriate person(s) as necessary to ensure the health and safety of the Client.

11. Maintains necessary communication with on-site staff, providers, and any other persons according to the Client’s protocol.

12. Inform the supervisor of all reportable incidents and potential problems immediately as they arise.

Working conditions: Interior office environment, Works with dedicated PC and telephone headset.

Training / Experience:

  • Alarm.com
  • Salesforce
  • NucleusCare
  • NEST Camera Systems
  • MS Word
  • Uses a computer and phone system to receive and direct a high volume of incoming cases and calls as well as placing outgoing calls.


1. Attendance & Punctuality

2. Attitude

3. Attention to Detail

4. Responses to Sensor/System Alerts.

5. Thoroughness of on-shift system notes.


  • Attendance
  • Record Average Call Handling Time
  • Compliance with Standard Policy and Procedure
  • Customer Satisfaction Rating
  • Biannual Evaluation